2019 CCS Racing


Round One: Autobahn Country Club, Illinois May 5th

The opening round for the MidWest has been challenging in the past due to weather conditions here is to hoping we break that pattern. Stay tuned for updates on my first race on the KTM RC390 in CCS.

Race Update: Well the weather truly did cooperate! This was my first time riding the KTM RC390 Cup Bike and I pushed to hard and crashed in Saturday practice. Fortunately for me my weekend turned for the better after that.

I rode in Six race classes on two bikes.

On the KTM RC390 I managed a 3rd place in GT500, a 4th place in Moto3, and a 5th place in Supersport500. On the SV650 I managed 3rd place in lightweight GP,F40 Lightweight, and Lightweight Superbike.

Pretty Happy with that for my opening weekend and scored those double points too!

Round Two: Blackhawk Farms, Illinois May 18th

I love this track and have logged more track miles here than anywhere. It is family friendly and I got my first CCS race win here. I am looking to repeat this year so stay tuned for updated on this round in May 2019.

Well the weather from Autobahn certainly did not hold for this round. we had off and on thunderstorms mixed with strong sunshine. I swapped the wheels on both bikes three time whew!

On the KTM I managed a WIN in Supersport500, and a second place in GT500, UltraLight Superbike, and Moto3! I actually got two podiums in one race on the KTM!!!!!!

On the SV60 I got a win in Lightweight Superbike and a third ploace in Lightweight GP! 

Very happy with these results!

Round Three: Back to Blackhawk Farms, Illinois June 22nd

It will be great to be back here again in June for another round at Blackhawk. Stay tuned for updates. 

Update: well I skipped the joint CRA/CCS round at Brainerd in Minnesota and I hope I do not regret it. the points race overall is really tight. I am number five overall in the midwest region and I am currently on the podium in points for every race class I am in.

At this round the weather improved but I still ended up changing my wheels on the KTM from slicks to rains then back. Overall though a great outing. I got another win and FIVE second place finishes. unfortunately in the last race of the day I blew the launch and just missed a podium! Oh Well that is racing.

Round Four: Back to BlackHawk Farms, Illinois July 20 & 21 Double Header

What an absolute scorcher! On Friday I practiced with Midwest Track Day and while they ran an excellent day the heat was oppressive. I did get the bike and my mind dialed in though and felt really ready to race on Saturday & Sunday. I had taken the Friday practice day as this was a double header weekend.

Saturday heat was just as bad and my last two races were in the wet! Overall results were good though with two first place, two second place, and two third place finishes!

Sunday the heat abated a bit from the front that create yesterday's storms and I was happy cause I had seven races to run today! I placed first in Formula 40 LW and Supersport 500, third place in GT500, Moto3, Lightweight GP, and Lightweight Superbike, I finished a 5th in Ultralight Superbike due to a mistake brought on by fatigue which was the last race of the weekend.


Overall it was a great weekend and I had a ton of great support from my wife and my fellow racers. A special shout out to Brent Racing because I would have been disqualified from a win if he had not reminded me Supersport is required to tech within five minutes of the race finish.

Round Five: Back again to BlackHawk Farms, Illinois August 16-18th

I practiced Friday with Mid West Track Day and boy I needed the tune up! Everyone came prepared to race this weekend and it was tough getting podiums. I managed a win in Thunderbike and Second place in Lightweight GP, Lightweight Superbike, and Lightweight Formula 40! The weather was great Friday & Saturday but Sunday morning had my first GT500 race in the wet. Overall I was OK with the weekend and gained ground overall but should have done better in Moto3 but got passed at the very end by two fast R3 bikes. Brent Racine was riding really fast and kicked me off of the podium for SS500.

Round Six: Final regular season round at BlackHawk Farms, Illinois September 20 & 21

What a crazy weekend! Crashed in morning practice right before racing and had to perform repairs on the KTM quickly to make the grid. No sooner had practice finished than the Monsoon rains came. I did manage to come away with three wins, a second place finish, and five third place finishes. I did have another competitor lose focus and bump[ into me at over 100 miles an hour on the front straight. I managed to stay upright but he did not and I went on to win the race. I am confirmed to be the Midwest and Blackhawk Farms champion in Supersport 500 for 2019! I am in second place for Formula 40 lightweight, Lightweight GP, GT500, Moto3, lightweight SuperBike, Ultralight SuperBike! I am third in Thunderbike! What a season, thanks to my wife Kathryn, Moto & Motor, Vortex sprockets, and Bridgestone tires for the support this year.