AHRMA Plans for 2019


Round One (for me) New Jersey MotorSports Park

Really Looking forward to getting back to Millville New Jersey to participate in the New Jersey Motorsports park round of AHRMA. Stay tuned  for updates on this round which will happen in late May of 2019. 

I will be racing the 848 having worked out transmission issues and hope to place very respectfully in the Sound Of Thunder two races. New this year will be the racing in Sound Of Singles three on the KTM RC390 Cup bike.

Race Update: On Saturday we competed in Race 7 Sound of Thunder Two and finished 21st (not last) on the Ducati 848. Later in Race 13 Sound of Singles Three I managed twelth place on the KTM RC390. On Sunday I improved on both bikes with a 19th place on the 848 in Sound of Thunder Two and a tenth place on the RC390 in Sound of Singles Three.

Round Two Road America in July

I had great results on the KTM RC390 placing within the top 10 for the first time ever in AHRMA. For the Ducati the results were not so spectacular. On the Ducati I ran out of gas on the last lap in race one and stalled on the grid for the second so no points there. I did have some of the best racing times there battling with Eric Lukehart on the KTM though

Round Three and Final Round (for me) at Gingerman Raceway

For this round I left the Ducati at home and went prepared to race with the KTM RC390 and my trusty little SV650. I felt I could be competitive on the SV650 due to Gingerman being a little shorted than Road America and less of a horsepower track. 

I did even better this round on the KTM RC390 by placing in sixth in Race one and seventh in race two! I can see a top 5 in my future on that bike! 

On the SV650 I managed a 15th place in race one and a better 14th place in race two. I was very happy with the progress all weekend and I ended up swapping race finishes with Eric Lukehart on the KTM bikes. I ended up in sixth place for masters of the Midwest in Sound of Singles Three! This is the best result to date for me in all of my time at AHRMA!